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Music and music notation

I have been a musician and composer (on paper, multitrack, and then with digital programs called Logic and Finale for notation) from the ages of 7 to over the age of 27.

When I went back to college in my early thirties, I stopped creating music and focused on my artwork. I have been leaning back toward writing a novel and music again, now. I have not totally given up on fine art. But it's importance to me is not the same, for reasons I won't get into here.

Once I have some work to post, it will be posted, here. All the songs are written, sung, and played by me.

I created this song years ago. The oil paintings were also created by me.

My newest song, "You are my venus flytrap".

The first few measures I was going to add lyrics, but I changed my mind a few measures in to the song, which is why there is less melody at the beginning.

Orchestration, You test me

I made this song (with vocals) when I was 18.

The sound of green