Steven Kaiser's ΔRtwork

Explanation one

A new project I'm beginning now involves contrasting more than one painting to bring out not only the beauty as a whole, but something that can not be seen with the naked eye. It must be seen through the contrast of two pieces, therefore in the head.

One great thing about this style is that you can use more than one medium. One painting can be water color, and another, oil, for example.

This is a small example of that I am doing here with only oil paint.

This example shows this with two small paintings.

Stare at the images as they change. Stare at each part of the painting, shape, and color. A third virtual image of contrasting colors and movement of shapes should pop up in your mind.

They can be put, either facing in opposite directions behind each other, where you can hold them and flip them over from time to time, or they can be placed side by side. This way you can look at either of them, one at a time, or flip them to make contrast for a virtual, third image.

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