Steven Kaiser's ΔRtwork

Present study

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These is my newest studies.

This page documents new styles (for me) as I work on from scratch. It has become apparent to me that because of the time involved in creating my line art, I would not be able to make a living that way.

I took my knowledge of color (which is actually slightly different with thin lines), and decided to start over with different styles. This page documents it. Eventually I realized I could use the many different techniques that were created over the years (such as Pointillism, Impressionism, and other styles) to use with my idea to creating varying change and instantaneous change.

The problem was it can take even a lifetime, just to master even just one of these styles.

So my goal became a different one, it became to innovate my own unique styles that each worked on their own, but could be pitted against each other in ∆ (change) and 𝛿 (Instantaneous change). To see an example of this see the large piece below.

Eventually, I hope to incorporate my original study of the mathematical ∆ and 𝛿 with my artwork to enhance the beauty and ideas in my art.

These oil painting studies are usually 18X24 inches. I will post them as they progress, and create links out of them to larger images when they are finished.

Tier 1

About this piece, below

This is a small portion (about a quarter of it) of a large piece I am painting now where I am using many techniques in different places.

By doing this, I hope to contrast different parts of a painting in different amounts, which can create more interest in the piece at different places. I can use this idea throughout my works. I am using other, the smaller pieces to practice each technique before moving on to other pieces.

At first I wanted to emulate known techniques, but as I worked on it, I realized that learning every technique known to man (or artist) was simply too tall of an order or anyone, and would take many lifetimes to accomplish.

So I decided to create different ways to use the brush on my own, and vary them across the piece (and, later on, others). To see this whole piece as I work on it, click here.

'Farm house and wheat field'Click image to see finished workViolet shared throughout pieceSaturation, hue, and value controlled separately and together in different places
Layer three, part 1, painting twoVarying techniques for ground below to create pointy feel
'Fridays'Click image to see finished workDuplicated techniques from first two pieces
Layer two, painting fourSky, lines below lines below lines, etc, creates depth in skyThree trees, but same color (almost), but varying saturation.
Layer two, painting fiveLess saturated marks over dark (do not remember colors) more saturated over more saturated than the first and warmer creates bark depthBottom right- attempt to keep hue, and, in parts, value, and alter saturation
Part one of Layer 1-Filbert splaying-impressionism technique-Manipulate saturation of sky with separate white and thin lines of pure color-Flat brush over bright-marks creates depth-bright- lines-Attempt to control hue, value, and saturation (without focusing more on white or just color)HVS over-vibrating with thick over thin with wet on wet (house),