Steven Kaiser's ΔRtwork

Oil painter, Composer/Musician, other Email for prices. I will send you a phone number if I feel there is a reason to share my number.
By painting textures in different ways, I can imitate the feel of nature and the emotions a person feels when viewing reality.This is the direction I tell people I am going so the general public can more easily understand my art. It is not what I am really doing.


I have always found painting with oils without both scientific and artistic motive to be trivial. My original goal was to incorporate Calculus into painting and all art. It was my passion.
(examples) Click on that image to see more of each oil painting
Meridian, 24X48 inches
Close up angled detail of Meridian :
Staccato 24X48 inches
Close up angled detail of Staccato
Path 1, Sperm Whale, 48X60 inches (2009)
--Something I am working on now, to see closeup, click on image--The white bars is an arm rest